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  • A Fragile Will

    When high school English teacher Cassandra Reilly is laid off, she takes a poorly paying part-time job reading to patients at a local nursing home. Her employment problems may be solved when one of her patients passes away after naming her in his will as the director of a new literary research center.  But Cassie isn’t certain she can handle the demands of the job, and her doubts increase when she receives a threat against her life.

  • The Bad Actor

    Although only in her late twenties, Laura is Auntie Mabel, the advice columnist for the local newspaper. Her problems begin when she receives a letter from a woman who believes that her younger boyfriend is interested in her solely for her money. Laura’s blunt reply is that she should break off with him and see a lawyer to force him to repay what he has borrowed from her. Shortly after, Laura sees that the woman has died in a fall down her cellar stairs. Suspecting that the boyfriend is involved, Laura begins to investigate, persevering even after her life is threatened. She slowly peels away layer upon layer until discovering the identity of the man who has killed before and plans to kill again.

    ” Laura’s return in the role of Auntie Mabel . . . further develops the ongoing characters and relationships . . . ”

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    on The Bad Actor

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  • The Marcie and Amanda Mystery Series

    The Crying Girl, Grave Justice, Ghosts from the Past, When the Last Dance is Over and The Black Dog are the books in this series, which chronicles the stories of Amanda Vickers and Marcie Ducasse, editors at Roaming New England Magazine,who investigate supposedly supernatural events in New England.

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A Fragile Will

When high school English teacher Cassandra Reilly is laid off, she takes a poorly[...]
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To Grandmother’s House

When Auntie Mabel, the advice columnist for the Ravensford Chronicle, dies suddenly, Laura Magee secretly[...]
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About Glen Ebisch

Glen has taught philosophy for over twenty years. He has been writing for the same length of time, and has had over fifteen mystery novels published. He lives with his wife in Western, MA.
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