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  • Shepherd by the Sea

    Pastor Clarissa Abbot is struggling through the pandemic as minister at The Shore Side Community Church, doing more home visits than ever and trying to keep her congregation healthy and safe. Adding to her problems, a member of her congregation, Brenda Fisher, who is a real estate agent, finds the body of a murdered woman in one of her beach rentals. Distressed by her discovery and concerned that the police may see her as a suspect, Brenda comes to Clarissa and asks her to become involved in the investigation. Although she initially resists, Clarissa finds herself being drawn more and more into the situation surrounding the woman’s death, and before long she is trolling the bars and restaurants of Shore Side with the dead woman’s two sisters, looking for the killer.To add to her concerns, she is asked by the police to look into a new church in Shoreside called The Good Grace Church, which the police suspect of being a cult. Clarissa meets with the man running Good Grace, known as Shepherd Jonathan, and finds him dynamic and rather fascinating, which does not please Sergeant Rudinski, her current boyfriend. The exciting conclusion of this story finds Clarissa reevaluating both her personal and professional future.

  • The Restless Past

    Tamara Lyons and Samantha Stokes have little in common. Tam is voluptuous and black, while Sam is slender and white. Tam is an ex-MP, while Sam is a former fashion model. Tam is a lesbian, while Sam swings both ways.

    What they do have in common is that they are both private investigators, and together they make a kickass team.

    In The Restless Past, they receive a request from the Dean at South Jersey University to look into the credentials of a new faculty member in the physics department. What appears to be a minor academic issue soon becomes a case involving murder and intrigue with roots deeply embedded in the past. Proving that the past never stays where it belongs—in the past.

  • When the Rope Breaks

    Madison Revere, a lawyer in her late twenties, has just been made an associate partner in the firm of Baker and Kerr located on the New Jersey shore. One of her first duties is to help execute the will of a software entrepreneur, who died when his rope broke while climbing with his wife in the Alps. Everything appears to be going smoothly, until the man’s sister claims that her late brother’s wife, who stands to inherit a fortune and control of his company, murdered him. Although Madison’s boss is inclined to ignore the charge because it lacks proof, she quickly finds herself personally involved in an investigation of the claim. In addition to this, Madison must deal with her difficult mother, who wishes to purchase a farm to set up a commune for her women’s support group. Madison also must move from her apartment because her best friend across the hall wants to confiscate it for her slacker of a fiancé. And, finally, Madison must also decide whether to take this as an opportunity move in with her police officer boyfriend, Parker. Can Madison solve all these problems before she runs out of rope?

  • When the Dog Bites

    Madison Revere, a lawyer in her twenties, is living on the New Jersey shore. She hopes to soon be made an associate partner in the law firm where she works. One night, while out walking her neighbor’s dog, the little pooch suddenly leaps up and bites a man who is passing by. This event leads to a chain of occurrences that cause Madison great worry. In addition to biting dogs, Madison must also deal with her lazy, tyrannical boss, a masked stalker, a new love interest, and her status-conscious mother who disapproves of him. Can she solve these problems before the dog bites again?

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Shepherd by the Sea

Pastor Clarissa Abbot is struggling through the pandemic as minister at The Shore Side[...]
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When the Dog Bites

Madison Revere, a lawyer in her twenties, is living on the New Jersey shore.[...]
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Glen has taught philosophy for over twenty years. He has been writing for the same length of time, and has had over thirty novels published. He lives with his wife in Western, MA.
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