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There comes a time when even those readers who usually prefer seat-of-the-pants thrillers and the hardest of hard boiled detective fiction need to read something that will allow them to get to sleep at night.  Atherton’s Aunty Dimity series is ideal for this purpose.  Well written, with a fine sense of family life in the midst of the bucolic English countryside, the books in this series have well structured plots and nicely developed characters.

One odd feature about this book – the twentieth in the series – is that no crime takes place. There are several related mysteries that end up explaining much about the village of Finch, where Lori Shepherd and her family live, but they have nothing to do with any criminal acts.  The books remains, however, an enjoyable read, but to get the best sense of this fine cozy series, I would recommend starting with one of the earlier ones, the first if possible, and working your way forward.  If you enjoy contemporary English cozies, you will find this series delightful.

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