Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch



This book was nominated for an Edgar in 2015 and is the last book in The Belfast Novels series.  Although I did not like it quite as much as THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST, which I reviewed in May, it is still a very fine book, and somewhat less violent than the earlier one.

When Rea Carlisle inherits a house from her uncle, she is horrified to come across a book which appears to describe in detail a series of thrill killings.  Rea’s father, a Belfast politician, wants her to keep quiet about the book because it might hurt his reputation. But Rea turns to Jack Lennon, a disgraced police inspector, and he soon finds that everything is not as it seems.  As he works the case, he gradually finds that he is working out his own redemption.  This is a fitting conclusion to a very good series.

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