Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch
  • Murder Offstage

    Retired English professor Charles Bentley is pressured into becoming assistant director of the Opal College fall theater production. Everything is going well until the person playing the lead in the play entitled The Rake’s Last Gasp is murdered outside the theater. This leaves Charles with two problems. He must help his wife, who is Opalsville’s chief of police, solve the case, and he must act because the director insists that he take over the role of the rake in the play. Not having performed on stage since his college days, Charles is reluctant to take the part, but he soon becomes somewhat excited at the prospect. But as he delves deeper into the murder case, he begins to fear that he may quickly become the second rake to gasp his last.

  • Sing a Song of Murder

    Max Moran, who looks like a sexy Superman, but has the personality of Clark Kent, is in a musical at The Lighthouse Point Community Theater called Song of the Sagebrush, which is about a young man from New Jersey who goes to work on a dude ranch out west and learns how to be a man. One night when Max and his co-star, Grant, are walking home from a rehearsal, they are attacked and Grant is injured. Since Max was too drunk to fight and help his friend, the only way to salvage his reputation is to discover who the assailants were and bring them to justice. As Max investigates, he faces increasing danger and is finally forced to examine the nature of friendship and acting.

    “Side-splittingly funny”

  • A Body in My Office

    Charles Bentley, a professor of English at prestigious Opal College in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, is forced into retirement when the administration hires Garrison Underwood, an academic star from England, to teach his courses in American literature. Not only does this Englishman take his courses; he immediately occupies Charles’ office. After a heated exchange between them, Charles goes off to the parking lot to cool off. When he returns, he finds that someone has killed Underwood by bashing his head in with a cricket trophy, a trophy that Charles himself had thrown across the room during their quarrel not a half-hour before.

    “A fun, fast-paced mystery”

  • When the Dog Bites

    Madison Revere, a lawyer in her twenties, is living on the New Jersey shore. She hopes to soon be made an associate partner in the law firm where she works. One night, while out walking her neighbor’s dog, the little pooch suddenly leaps up and bites a man who is passing by. This event leads to a chain of occurrences that cause Madison great worry. In addition to biting dogs, Madison must also deal with her lazy, tyrannical boss, a masked stalker, a new love interest, and her status-conscious mother who disapproves of him. Can she solve these problems before the dog bites again?

    “A heroine who delivers”

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