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This is the first book in the Brigid Quinn series.  A second book, FEAR OF DARKNESS, came out last January.  Brigid is a non-nonsense fifty-something who is a retired FBI agent specializing in serial killers, and it is the personality of Brigid that makes this book interesting.

Secretive about her past, even with her husband, she is struggling to make her marriage work, while at the same time hunting down a serial killer who was responsible for the death of a colleague when Brigid was on the job.  Brigid is an interesting mix of someone who wants to live a normal life, but not enough to give up those character traits and practices that make her different.

The plot is engaging; the characters are well drawn.  Reading the first book will make you want to keep up with the series.  It is also refreshing to have an older protagonist who is still physically and mentally at the peak of her abilities.

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