Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch

Death at a Murder Mystery Dinner

Book Description:

Innkeeper Max Moran is again involved in solving a murder when the actor playing the victim at a murder mystery dinner held at the Fireside Inn gives the best performance of his life and actually dies. Chief of police Philpot, who hates Max with a passion, dearly wishes to prove that Max is the killer, thus forcing Max to discover the killer’s true identity. As usual, Max travels unsteadily along a twisty road that eventually leads him to the culprit. At the same time, Max has a starring role in the local Christmas play, Curzin’ Toward Bethlehem, which reinterprets the story of the three wise men by making them into ‘seventies bikers following the star. They stop several times along the way to discuss theology and dispense stoner wisdom. As a result of both endeavors, Max learns a lesson about understanding and charity.