Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch

The Scarlet Woman

Book Description:

When real estate agent Deidre Fay’s body is found in the house that Laura Magee is trying to sell for her grandmother. Laura is determined to find out who murdered Deidre. Finding Deidre’s killer, however, will not be easy because she was known for having had affairs with many men in town, some of whom were married.

While all of this is going on, Laura’s friend and co-worker, Grissy, is involved in a hotly contested dance contest, and Laura is trying to decide whether to once again get involved with her sometime boyfriend, Michael Farantello, despite the fact that he keeps returning to his ex-wife.

As Laura digs further into the case, she finds that Deidre was not exactly the kind of person she was reputed to be, and there are a number of suspects with complicated reasons for wanting her dead. She also discovers that her career as a newspaper reporter suddenly has come into conflict with her personal life.