Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch

Unwanted Inheritance

Book Description:

When Heather Martinson, a professional interior painter, takes on the job of redecorating the dining room of the Compton House for the new owners, she quickly discovers that the job involves more risks than just choosing the wrong paint color.  The new tenants, siblings Caroline and Michael Compton, have recently inherited the run-down estate by the terms of an unusual will.

Mysterious accidents and obvious acts of vandalism soon make it evident that someone doesn’t want the new owners to ever occupy the house.  Although Heather finds herself attracted to Michael, she eventually begins to wonder where his true loyalties lie.  Surrounded by strangers and unsure whom to trust as the dangers mount, Heather must rely on her own nerve and resources to solve a mystery that it rooted in the dark past of the Compton House.