Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch

Woven Hearts

Book Description:

Kate Manning, the owner and manager of Golden Needles, a fabric shop, becomes distressed when Fabulous Fabrics, a large discount fabric chain, opens a branch in her neighborhood.  Her distress turns to anger when she discovers that Roger Garrison, a handsome, interesting man that she has just met in her shop, is the manager of the competition.

While Roger finds excuses to “run into” his lovely nemesis, Kate finds herself drawn to the tall, good-looking businessman.  But there is Melissa Hargrove–the beautiful, stylish, and very jealous assistant manager of Fabulous Fabrics–who clearly wants Roger for herself.

When Kate’s shop is covered in graffiti and her orders are misdirected, she begins to suspect that someone is attempting to sabotage her business.  Can Kate fall in love with a man who can run her out of business and spoil her dream of owning her own store?