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Arthur Bryant an John May are senior detectives with the Peculiar Crimes Unit, which as the name implies investigates crimes that are out of the ordinary.  Led by the highly eccentric Bryant, the unit follows its own weirdly unusual brand of problem solving.  The cases are strange, and the paths to their solution are stranger still.

For the fan of off-beat British humor, this is the series for you.  By my count this is the eleventh book in the critically acclaimed series.  For some the plot may seem overly convoluted, but the solution plays fair with the reader and neatly ties up all the loose ends. Those who enjoy the setting of London should definitely look at this book because the city looms large.  Some may find this series an acquired taste because the humor is very dry, some might say parched.  But I would definitely recommend giving one of these stories a try because you might be delightfully surprised.

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