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David Baldacci, MEMORY MAN

I had never read this popular author, and just happened across this book, which is to become the first in the Amos Decker series.  The premise of this series and the title of the book are based on the idea that following a terrific hit playing in an NFL game, Decker technically dies twice and when revived is unable to forget anything.  Actually his whole personality has changed, and he has little affect and serious difficulties relating to others.

The plot centers on who murdered Decker’s family sixteen months before the book’s opening, and how it relates to a school massacre that takes place in the present. Baldacci develops an intricate plot, and Decker is entertaining as he uses his unique memory to discover clues that lead to the solution of the puzzle. Baldacci’s writing is unadorned and presents both action and character with few unnecessary words.  It is intelligent and crisply written with a satisfying ending.  I would recommend taking a look at this book.

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