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Elly Griffiths, THE GHOST FIELDS

This is the second time I have reviewed one of Griffith’s books in the Ruth Galloway series.  I particularly enjoy these mysteries because they have a cast of continuing characters whose complicated relationships are as much a part of the story as solving the crime.

Ruth Galloway is a forensic archaeologist in Norfolk, England who has a close relationship with DCI Harry Nelson.  In fact, the happily married Nelson is the father of her daughter.  Nelson, his wife, his entire team, and their significant others and offspring are characters in these novels.  It may sound crowded, but Griffith’s generally pulls it off.

In this book a World War II plane is unearthed with the pilot still sitting the cockpit.  He turns out to be Fred Blackstock, a local aristocrat thought to have died in a different plane over the Channel.  This raises the interesting question as to why he was found here in a plane he never flew.

Other matter including a documentary on old airfare bases, a pig farm with a dead body, and the occurrence of a major flood raise the tension and deepen the mystery.  Those who enjoy cozies and police procedurals will find a lot to like in this series.

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