Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch


Gerry Boyle, STRAW MAN

This is the eleventh novel in a series featuring the reporter Jack McMorrow.  Since this is the first and only book in the series that I have read, I can’t testify as to the overall quality of these books which are set in Maine.  Based on this one, they fall into the tough guys mete out justice category, containing lots of violence combined with a generally high  level of action.  McMorrow, a somewhat more moderate character, is assisted in his search for justice by Clair and Louis, stone cold veterans who haven’t adjusted well to civilian life.  I am not a fan of stories where the main character maintains the moral high ground by leaving the violence to his buddies, although I will admit that it is hard to feel much sympathy here for the bad guys. There is also a pretty good mystery included in the plot and a subplot centered on family dynamics, so there is something for everyone.

Anyone who wants a book that inhabits the border between mystery and thriller should take a look at this series by Boyle.

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