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I read the first couple of Dexter books, but haven’t been following them for a while.  I also did not watch the popular television show based on the stories.  But I thought it was time to check back in and see how the series has fared over time.

I think this latest offering definitely keeps up the high standard of the others I have read. Lindsay continues his amazing job of making a sociopath with a rudimentary moral code seem sympathetic.  In this story Dexter becomes involved with a movie star and the whole Hollywood way of life.  He becomes so enraptured that he even sees the possibility of a new future for himself.  When this is snatched away from him, I think most readers will share in his disappointment.

The plot is nicely convoluted, yet it remains true to the characters and is not afraid to kill off one of the major figures.Some readers may not like the cliff hanger ending, but others will find it a good reason to await with anticipation the next story in the series.

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