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Reclusive mystery writer Christopher Holmes has had a very successful career with his stories about Miss Butterwith, an elderly spinster sleuth. However, the new editor at his publishing house has no time for geriatric sleuths, and threatens to no longer publish Holmes unless he comes up with a new protagonist.

Holmes goes to a writers’ conference in a remote location in the country to confront his editor, and a fierce storm leaves the group isolated. Another writer and then Holmes’ editor are murdered, and the finger of suspicion is pointed at him, as the group finds themselves cut off from civilization with a murderer in their midst.

This is a funny and clever mystery. Be warned there is some man-on-man romance, so if that is very disturbing to you give this book a pass. But if you are open to same sex romance, you will find that the story is a very enjoyable read. It is also the beginning of a series starring Holmes and his boyfriend.

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