Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch


Karin Slaughter, COP TOWN

This book is set in 1974 in Atlanta at a time when when the police department was in a state of transition from being an all white male institution into something more diverse.  As in any time of change, those who hold power are more adamant than ever that they will retain control, so racism, anti-semitism, and gender discrimination are at their height.

This story documents a week in the lives of two female police officers who are trying to track down a serial cop killer, and it does a fine job of showing how their personal and professional lives are shaped by the prejudices of the times  This novel was an Edgar nominee for 2015, and it goes beyond the average mystery by making important social points within the context of an exciting story.  Some readers may find the conclusion a bit implausible or unsatisfying, but overall the book is well worth reading.

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