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I admit up front that I am a fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels.  Although more an adventure story than a mystery, there is always a puzzle and often a surprise ending to keep the mystery fan reading along until the end.

In this book a sniper has taken a shot at the President of France, and it is believed that he may be someone Reacher put in prison many years before when he was in the Army.  For this reason he is forcibly recruited by a vague American security agency to go to Europe and help apprehend the sniper before he strikes again.  Reacher gradually comes to suspect that things are not exactly as they seem.

There are surprises and numerous twists and turns on the road to a solution. One might wish that the final confrontation with the sniper were a bit more climactic, but Child pulls out a surprise at the end that allows the story to finish on a high note.  This book is worth reading, although if you have not read Lee Child before, I would start with  book from earlier in the series.

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