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Linda Castillo, THE DEAD WILL TELL

This is a book in the Kate Burkholder series.  She is the chief of police in Painters Mills, and a former member of its large Amish community.  This is a story of revenge.  A crime many years ago destroyed an Amish family, and now someone is systematically killing those involved in the crime.  It is Burkholder’s job to find, now that the whole family is dead, who could still be seeking vengeance.

In  parallel subplot, Burkholder’s boyfriend, State Agent John Tomasetti, is continuing his vendetta against the men who murdered his family.  The thoughtful reader may be left wondering whether taking the law into your own hands is acceptable for a policeman but not for a civilian.

Overall, this is a suspenseful, well-plotted book that will keep most readers wondering until near the end.  Burkholder is a convincing police officer, and the book is a good read.

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