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Roderick Jeffries, IN SEARCH OF MURDER

Inspector Alvarez works on the police force on the Spanish island of Mallorca.  When an Englishman, who is known to be a frequent seducer of women married or not, is found drowned in his rather shallow swimming pool, it is up to Alvarez to sift through a long list of suspects to find the perpetrator.

I have read several of the Alvarez books; there are thirty-seven of them and still counting.  I have found them to give a wonderful insight into life in Mallorca and a humorous, if somewhat jaundiced, look at the large British community there.  You must be prepared for a slow leisurely stroll, rather than a sprint, to the conclusion of the cases for this is in Alvarez’s nature.  He works very deliberately between frequent drinks and meals.  This series has stood the test of time, and if you slow your pace to match Alvarez’s, you will find these books very enjoyable.

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