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Stella Cameron, FOLLY

This story takes place in Folly-on-Weir in the Cotswolds of England, and is the first in a series to feature the protagonist, Alex Duggins.  When Alex discovers the frost covered corpse of a wandering monk in the snow near the village, it sets off a series of killings that has its roots in the history of the village.

The plot of the story is suitably complex and the characters well-drawn, although their unexplained and frustrating tendency to hide important information from each other and from the police is primarily what prevents a swift solution to the crime.  Also Alex’s panic attacks at unfortunate moments can be a bit trying, although she comes up aces at the end.

Overall, I would say this book is worth a look for those who like cozies set in England. The setting is very authentic.  Although Cameron lives in the United States today, she was born and raised in Dorset and captures the feel of English village life very well.

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