Glen Ebisch Glen Ebisch

When There’s Nothing Left To Lose

Book Description:

Madison Revere, a lawyer in her late twenties, lives on the New Jersey shore in a fancy Victorian home she got in a terrific deal from one of her past boyfriends. Although she is living well, she is lonely. Her previous boyfriend has moved to Manhattan, and her best friend is married with a baby and a busy life of her own. Even Madison’s dog has moved on to live with her friend. As a result, she feels at loose ends with only her work to keep her occupied. So, when a woman her own age, who is a researcher for the local police department, comes to question her about the suspicious death of one of her elderly clients, Madison jumps at the opportunity to know the woman better and work with her to solve the case. However, she quickly comes to discover two things: that suspicious deaths can be dangerous to investigate and that making friends with strangers can be more challenging than you might think. In fact, you might even be risking your life.